Coachella Not


So I really wanted to use my #DIY pompom sandals to Bohol and the only day I can fit it into our itinerary is our Chocolate Hills adventure. So I thought like, why not? Coachella and Chocolate Hills spells almost the same to me. Call me crazy but I just really wear whatever I feel like wearing. If you have been following me on Snapchat, then you have seen me working on this DIY project of mine. I actually finished it the night before I left for Cebu.

It was super hot that day for our forty minutes ATV ride, the helmet kinda messed up my hair, so I decided to switch my neck scarf into a head scarf. I’m wearing a denim shorts under my dress, by the way. Not like I wanted Mr. tour guide to see my under pants while the wind is blowing on my dress (LOL).

That’s the Three Sisters Chocolate Hills behind me.Β 
I can’t remember what I was doing here… sun dance? on a very sunny day, really?Β 


I personally pick out this yellow ATV to compliment my pompom sandal. Hahahah! (People had to get it from the back of four other ATV, sorry guys, I am a paying customer, I get to choose my ride.)


The amazing man-made forest at Bilar, Bohol. Where are you Edward Cullen? 😁


Dress from StyleStaple

Denim Short from Zara

Bag from Aranaz

Pimped my old Mango sandals which was a gift from my friend Claire – DIY pompom sandals by yours truly

Who wants a DIY tutorial blog for this pompom sandals? Drop a message below. I’m so happy on how the sandals turned out.

Well, Enjoy the rest of the day guys!

Much Love,

Sheila πŸ’—


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