FOOD: 10 Dove Street


My friend Antong took me at this pretty cafe in when I was in Cebu last week, 10 Dove Street. The place is really cozy and picturesque, plus the staff were really friendly that we had a pleasant stay. 
We ordered some coffee, Tuna Pasta, Ube Grabber cake and Dark Chocolate Lover cake, and they were all delicious! I can’t wait to go back and try their other dishes and cakes.

I love how shabby chic the interiors are, like every corner were really thought of. And did I mention that their restroom is so clean and pretty as well (wasn’t able to get a photo though), it’s not often that I stumbled upon a cafe this cute with a cute restroom as well. So I’ll give this place a 10 out of 10!


With one of Cebu’s top make-up artist Vanessa Gamus and my best friend Antong.
Outfit details here. Camera: Fujifilm XA2 with 35mm f2 lens

So if you happen to be from Cebu or in Cebu, drop by their branch at Oakridge Business Park and you will surely love the place.


Much Love

Sheila 💗


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