So I Tried to Vlog

So tried to Vlog. I actually have no background on shooting or editing videos. During my trip to Korea, me and my friend Antong tried to take video clips from our trip and thought of uploading it on YouTube. So there, I made my own channel and uploaded videos couple of weeks ago. My video’s are really shaky so good thing youtube has this fix for shaky videos. I’m actually just getting the hang of this Vloging world so I hope you can bear with me on this. I’m still figuring things out. I don’t have a team of expert to do this things for me, so we’ll see how it goes.

Above is the latest VLOG on my Youtube channel, hope you can click and watch a short video of my shopping experience in Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea. Also the rest of the VLOG I uploaded before down below. Hope you’ll like it!

Thanks for watching guys! And please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗


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