Wearing a Kid’s Shirt


So who would have thought I’m wearing a kiddie size T-shirt.  

I’ve been looking for a rock band shirts at the womens section but to no avail, so next option of course was the mens, and I actually found a couple of choices but then medium was the only available size and it fits like a double XL on me. So funny my friend Antong stumbled upon the kids section of Zara and saw this rolling stones shirts from the girls. And without a doubt I asked him to get me the biggest size there is, which was a size 14, so it will  still be a loose fit on me, I usually wear a size small in womens. The shirt is also much cheaper compared to the women’s and men’s so that’s a score!

Wore this outfit last Tuesday when we visit our grandparents mausoleum at the Butuan Chinese Cemetery. I knew I had to pose at this Sari-Sari store (a small convenience in the Philippines) just because it is quite scary to pose anywhere else where there are tombs for an #ootd. And also, when I was little, I always love going to the sari-sari store in our neighborhood and played like I have one back then. Actually dream of having one when I was a kid hahaha. I guess kids dreams do change.


Outfit details: T-shirt from Zara Kids (got the biggest size), Skirt from Cotton On (old), Bag from YSL, Shoes from @accessories4meandmom on Instagram, Sunglasses from Pinkaholic

So the next time you shop, go check out the kids section, you might score some awesome pieces there. Have fun!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗


11 thoughts on “Wearing a Kid’s Shirt

  1. Love this outfit! I recently found out I fit perfectly into zara girls largest size so I have been shopping there quite frequently! They actually have cute stuff, and it is definitely cheaper than the zara women’s. 😀

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